Have you ever accidentally deleted an iTunes playlist and thinking it was gone forever?

The iTunes playlist recovery software provides a simple process for restoring iTunes playlist. If you have accidently deleted a playlist or deleted it unknowingly, you can still recover it if you haven't added any new content to your iTunes library.

The iTunes application has a gaping UI problem, it’s far too easy to delete a playlist and, once deleted, it can’t be reversed. Deleting a playlist from iTunes which point to songs in your music library overruns all the effort you have invested in selecting and sequencing your music into playlists. To lose a playlist can be pretty tough!

While working on a playlist, you have two different things selected — the playlist name and one or more songs in that playlist. So which will it trash when you hit the delete key? The selected songs or the whole playlist? It depends on which of the two were most recently selected. So with just some carelessness you can easily lose whole playlist when you really mean to remove only a single track from it — and there’s no Undo for this action.

If you’re actually paying attention to the delete confirmation messages you’ll be warned whether your selection will delete playlist or songs, but no one cares about the warning message. If you will carefully handle the playlist, there will not be any loss and you will not need anything to recover data on iMac or Mac OS.

Scenarios leading to iTunes playlist deletion –

  • Accidental deletion while deleting some other track or song
  • Losing a customized playlist due to virus infection either in the iTunes software or in the song itself
  • Deletion due to a third-party software that is being used to manage the playlist
  • Deletion can also occur while synchronizing iTunes library from your iPod to the system
  • Playlist deleted by pressing Command+Option+Delete (Mac)
  • Playlist deleted when you updated iTunes

If the playlist is deleted through Mac Terminal then also this software is the best option for you. Read recover files deleted from Mac Terminal to see how can you achieve this. Navigate Here to know more about recovery of files lost from Mac terminal

When you delete a file then it redirects to the trash folder which is temporary location for deleted files. Sometimes you may empty the trash by clicking on the "Empty Trash" option without checking the contents present there. Thus loss of files. Don't worry!!! You can get back missing files from trash by using this prominent software within a few mouse clicks.

Features of iTunes Playlist Recovery Software –

  • Recovers the playlist with all the song details and connections to the music library.
  • Files retrieved can be sorted on the basis of creation date, name, size, etc.
  • This recovery software can also be used to recover deleted music files on Mac OS X, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
  • “Save Recovery Session” feature enables you to resume the recovery / saving process at any time. By using this option, you can avoid re-scanning your drive.
  • The “preview” option enables you to see the file before restoring it.

This is how you can retrieve iTunes playlist –

Step 1: Download & install Mac File Recovery Software to recover deleted files on Mac & run the software.

Step 2: On the main screen, select “Recover Files” option.

Restore deleted iTunes playlist - Recover Files

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 3: Click on “Recover Deleted Files” button.

Recover deleted iTunes playlist-Recover Deleted Files

Fig B: Mode of Recovery Screen

Step 4: Select the volume from which files have been deleted.

How to Recover deleted iTunes playlist? - Select Volume

Fig C: Select Drive Screen

Step 5: Wait for the software to find all the deleted iTunes playlist files.

Recovering deleted iTunes playlist - Scanning Process

Fig D: Scanning Progress Screen

Step 6: Save the recovered files.

Retrieve deleted iTunes playlist - Save Recovered Files

Fig E: Data View Screen

To retrieve files deleted from flash drives, USB drives or memory cards, of iTunes, read http://www.recoverdeletedfilesmac.net/flash-drive.html.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users