Windows 7 operating system is released by Microsoft which works well. But still sometimes the speed performance of system decreases with time. There are many reasons for decreased speed performance. One of the main cause if fragmentation of files on drives. The data which you store on computer drive is saved in segments and these segments will not be contiguous sometimes. Due to this, operating system consumes more time to collect information to display to you. Suppose C drive is frequently used by you and it is fragmented severely. This made the system performance slow. You need to defragment the drive then without affecting data. You can perform defragmentation on C drive of Windows 7 computer by yourself or using any third party software.

Hard disk defragmentation using disk defragmenter:

You can defrag C drive on Windows 7 by following simple steps as given below,

  • Click on Start button then click on “All Programs”
  • Then select “Accessories” and click on “System Tools”
  • Then pick “Disk Defragmenter” amongst many tools listed
  • You will get a window where you will get a list of drives that can be defragmented on your Windows 7 computer and a button for configuring defrag schedule
  • Select C drive from the list of drives and click on “Analyze Disk”. To analyze disk, you need to have admin access. It takes some time to analyze disk. Analyzing is nothing but detecting free space between data on storage memory, defragmented data and contiguous data
  • After analyzing, you will get to see the report of how fragmented your C drive is. Then select “Defragment Disk” option to defragment C drive. It takes time to defragment you drive depending on degree of fragmentation of hard disk
  • You can schedule defragmentation to run on regular basis to maintain system performance automatically

Defragmentation sometimes is not efficient by this method. Hence you can implement the second method in such case, i.e. using third party tool to carry out drive defragmentation. You can defrag C drive safely and securely with the privilege of many settings options using Remo MORE software.

Remo MORE to defrag C drive on Windows 7 computers:

Remo MORE helps you to defrag your C drive on Windows 7 systems. This tool has simple user interface that has smooth navigation between screens. This comes with lots of advanced options like scheduling defragmentation process periodically. There is an option for setting “Auto Defrag” also using this utility. You can defrag your drive using quick or deep defragmentation process. This application also provides you the option for defragmenting files of particular types on your storage drive. This program can even work on devices remotely as it implements cloud technology. Hence making the world small and this is helpful if you are running any organization far away from where you are. Try this free software now to make the most of it.

Simple steps to defrag C drive on Windows 7 using Remo MORE:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on your computer with Windows 7 OS. Run the software and click on “Manage” option to get the main screen as shown in Fig A. Then click on “Drive Defrag” option from the screen.

Defrag C Drive Windows 7 - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Next screen will be displayed as shown in Fig B. Select C drive from the list of drives that can be defragged and click on “Analyze” to analyse continuity of data fragmentation.

Defrag C Drive Windows 7 - Select Drive to Defrag

Fig B: Select Drive to Defrag

Step 3: Then the software analyses and displays the message of process completion as shown in Fig C. Then click on “OK” option as shown in Fig C.

Defrag C Drive Windows 7 - Drive Analysis Completion

Fig C: Drive Analysis Completion

Step 4: Select defragmentation method, either Quick or Deep Defragmentation as shown in Fig D.

Defrag C Drive Windows 7 - Select Defrag Method

Fig D: Select Defrag Method

Step 5: Then you will get the option for defragmenting whole drive or particular files as shown in Fig E. Select “Defrag Full Drive” and click on “Next”. The software defragments your C drive.

Defrag C Drive Windows 7 - Select Drive/File Types to Defrag

Fig E: Select Drive / File Types to Defrag

Step 6: You can set and modify the settings as shown in Fig F.

Defrag C Drive Windows 7 - Drive Defrag Settings

Fig F: Drive Defrag Settings