Have you just emptied your Mac trash using CMD +Delete? or you may have right click the trash & clicked empty trash option. After doing this operation all files like documents, photos, videos, music, etc. from the Mac machine have erased. Later you found that couples of important files were present in the trash. Now what will you do? Tensed!!! Can I get files back after emptying my Trash? This might be the question going around your mind. First of all stop panicking; there are chances for recovery of erased files from Trash whatever may be the reason. But you should not add new data to the Mac hard disk where those trashed items are originally located. If you save new files then it may overwrite the hard disk memory which leads to permanent loss of files. You can make use of Recover deleted files Mac software to restore trash items back. Visit: http://www.recoverdeletedfilesmac.net/mavericks.html to know how to recover deleted file Mavericks.

Let us discuss some reason that may cause loss of files from Mac trash:

  • Empty trash: If you are Mac users then you may know that when you drag files to trash then they can be restored by “Pull back” option. But if you right click on “Empty trash” then it will lead to loss of files from the system forever. At times you may think that files are not important & they are consuming space unnecessarily so you deleted them. Later you realize that these files are needed to perform important task and you do not have backup of these files so that you can restore them back.
  • Automatic Clear Setting: You may have done a setting on trash to clear the files in trash automatically after certain period. After some times you may forget about the settings you have done & perform certain task and deleted some files thinking that the files will be re-directed to trash and can be restored back when desired. While checking the trash folder after someday you find that no files are present in it because of the clear settings you made few days back.
  • Using CMD +Delete option: Using CMD +Delete option to delete a file from the trash will also lead to loss of files from it. It is a short cut method to empty the trash in Mac machine

Recover deleted files Mac software helps to recover deleted files back from trash with ease. Performing the recovery process is not a tough job & you do not need any technical knowledge for it. This tool is a reliable & uses  strong scanning technique to recover all the missing files from Mac  hard disk that are  formatted with HFS, HFS+ & HFSX file system. Follow the link to know how the utility provides file recovery from various storage devices such as flash drives, memory cards, external HDD, iPod devices, etc. You can use Mac version of the software to get back files from iMac, MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, etc. You can also recover back files like excel files, word files, mp3, video, images, etc. With the help of this software you can also recover deleted videos on Mac due to different reasons with ease.

Steps to perform file recovery from Trash:

1.On the main screen you will get three option out of which you need to select “Recover Files”. After that from the next screen select "Recover Deleted Files" to get files back from empty trash.

How to Recover Files after Emptying My Trash? - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

2. Select the drive from which the data has to be retrieved as shown in Fig 2. And then start the recovery procedure.

Can I Get Back Files after Emptying My Trash? - Select Volume

Fig 2: Select Mac Volume

3. After the process is completed you can view the list of recovered files.

How to Get Files Back after Emptying My Trash? - Save Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users